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About us

We create impressive projects that help brands get not only into people’s minds but also into their hearts.

With five years of experience, recognition from well-known brands, and recommendations from leading marketers to back us up.

Come Back Agency

About us

Come Back Agency – A Proven Digital Partner

Each client represents a unique story with a suspenseful storyline to tell!


We help develop brands from scratch; we create ambitious web projects, develop cross-functional mobile applications, and design harmonious visual branding for our clients.


Remaining open to new challenges and enthusiastic about our work, we speak directly to our clients and listen closely to their responses. There is no such thing as an unmanageable project for us: there are only projects that we haven’t begun yet!


After refining your wishes and ideas into clearly-defined concepts, we begin to materialize your dream using code and graphics. Our projects effectively combine your business’s principles and ambitious objectives with the perfect-paired visualizations, creating a unique brand that instantly stands out from the competition.

about us

Why do clients call us a trusted Digital partner?

  • Communication

    We believe in maintaining clear and concise communication throughout the entire project. After discussing and analyzing our client's main message, we're able to offer several solutions for their specific situation. By examining each detail individually, we're able to generate complete solutions that save our clients time and resources.

  • Innovativeness

    We always keep moving forward, no matter the obstacles that stand in our way. Our goal isn't to reinvent the wheel; instead, we aim to turn the simple wheel into a full-on supercar! By staying up to date with the latest trends in development, design, marketing, and production, we're always able to offer our clients the most efficient solutions for their business needs.

  • Ambitiousness

    We are ambitious—both individually and on a company-wide level―and we have the track record to prove it! Aiming to achieve the most significant results in the shortest possible time, we take complete responsibility for every project and always fulfill our promises. Thanks to our collective talent, knowledge, and skills, we can work on any complex projects you may have (even concepts that are entirely new to us!).

  • Business thinking

    We think like entrepreneurs. Quickly understanding the client's requirements, we always put our best foot forward to create unique, effective, and tailored solutions that meet our client's specific needs. With experience in all aspects of web design, we make sure both your presentation and content exceed even the highest of expectations!

  • Responsibility

    We always follow through with the agreed-upon plans, implementing even the most unusual ideas into reality. We value our reputation, but even more, we value our client's resources. Successful results are more than just an obligation for us: they're a promise we make to our clients!

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Our work principles

Full immersion

"Little things don't mean a lot, they mean everything!" With that in mind, we consider your niche in great detail so we can predict any pitfalls or potential complications. We always offer unique ways to achieve your goal using our knowledge and expertise.


We're more than a simple "service provider"; we're a full-fledged team dedicated to achieving high-quality results for our clients! We approach each and every challenge as if it was our own. Let's overcome the obstacles together!

The importance of a word

A comment, a message, a phone call: all of these things carry the same weight to us as the execution of an official contract. We always remain true to our word, claiming full responsibility for our actions & promises.

Websites and mobile apps

We don't view our projects as statistics on a page; they're part of our digital soul. We will always opt for the latter when forced to choose between quick earnings or long-term success!


We believe you deserve to have your high-quality project delivered on the agreed-upon deadline. Even if we have to spend our nights & weekends at work, we'll honor our obligation because we value your time just as much as we treasure ours.

People are the main resource

"People" make up the backbone of this company. Their services may be expensive, but the results they produce more than justify the value they provide for your business! Our entire team consists of full-time employees, handpicked as the best specialists in their respective fields.

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    Orest Andrusyshyn

    Orest Andrusyshyn

    CEO Come Back Group

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