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About us

We create impressive projects that help brands get not only into people’s minds but also into their hearts.

5 years of experience, trust of well-known brands and recommendations from leading marketeers.

Come Back Agency

About us

Come Back – proven Digital Partner

We help develop a brand from scratch, we create ambitious web projects, cross-functional mobile apps, and develop effective visual working relationships. Each of our clients is a unique story with a suspenseful storyline. We are open to suggestions and are not afraid of something new, we hear and know how to be heard, we materialize wishes using code and graphics. There are no unmanageable issues for us, there are only those we have to spend a little more time on. Our projects are the visualization of the craziest and brightest ideas and yet with the principles and ambitious objectives matured like a good wine.

about us

Why do clients call us a trusted Digital partner?

  • Communication

    We communicate effectively from the very beginning. We try to understand the client's main message and offer several scenarios at once. We reckon with any details, even the smallest ones, become involved in the processes immediately, thereby saving time and other resources.

  • Innovativeness

    Keep moving forward at any cost. Some people don't want to reinvent the wheel again, but this is definitely not about us. After all, we will add an engine to the "wheel" and make it go ten times faster. We try to follow the latest trends in development and design, marketing and production to offer the client really efficient solutions.

  • Ambitiousness

    We are ambitious and we wanna show it! After all, our goal is to achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time. We are ready to take responsibility in any situation and always follow up on our words. Our talent, knowledge, and skills allow us to work on any complex project. We enthusiastically accept those projects that are new to us.

  • Business thinking

    We think like entrepreneurs. We are quick to understand the client's requirements and put the best foot forward to create something really new and productive. We appreciate not only the appearance but also the indicators, so we have both nice visual and nice "stuffing".

  • Responsibility

    We always follow up on our words, implement even the most unusual ideas into reality, because we always value our reputation and the resources of our clients. A successful result is not an exception to the rule it is an obligatory part of cooperation with us.

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Our work principles

Full immersion

"Little things don't mean a lot, they mean everything!" (c) That is why we consider your niche in detail so that we know about each pitfall. We find a unique way to achieve the goal.


We are not just a "service provider" and "client", but a full-fledged team focused on obtaining a high-quality result. As with any game, our goal is to win. So, let's play together?

Importance of a word

A comment on the project, chat in the messenger, a phone call, all these things have the same effect for us as the execution of an official contract. We are always responsible for our actions and promises.

Websites and mobile apps

We will always choose the latter between quick earnings and long-term promising cooperation. Each project is not just a number, it is a part of our digital soul.


Weekends and nights at work. Does it really matter when you end up with a quality project? We value our and your time, which is why meeting deadlines is very important to us, it's an obligatory rule that we will fulfill anyway.

People are the main resource

Our main value. Our entire team is full-time employees. They are the best specialists in their field. Their services are expensive, but the result of their work and your trust are worth it.

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    Orest Andrusyshyn

    Orest Andrusyshyn

    CEO Come Back Group

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