Cooperation with this company was a kind of new experience for us, since our client provided a wide range of services in the logistics area.

The main message of the project was to display as much as possible all the client’s capabilities in digital form, while making a modern, but restrained design that would skillfully emphasize the character of the brand.

What do you think came of it? Yes, perhaps, words are superfluous here: we not only coped with and fulfilled all the wishes, but kept the general concept of the brand, made a functional website, which, despite its size, retained its performance and ease of use.

Our company has been operating in the logistics services market for quite a long time. Therefore, we specifically knew what we needed and were looking for responsible developers. In general, our cooperation can be described as folded and not conflicting. Developers and designers respond adequately to wishes to make changes, they are able to offer really high-quality solutions. Thank you.

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    Orest Andrusyshyn

    Orest Andrusyshyn

    CEO Come Back Group

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