Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic



When we start working on creating a “virtual face” for any company, we try not only to do everything efficiently and using modern technologies, but also to emphasize the individuality and characteristics of the customer as much as possible. In order not to get lost among hundreds of competitors, the company must not only be recognizable in real life, but also on the Internet.

The designers worked out the corporate identity, developed a logo, combined in appearance not only the strict notes of the customer’s professional direction, but also added a certain modernity to the design.

The technical team worked through all the wishes of the customer: created sections for each service, a page about the company, made the site not only functional, but also understandable for a potential user.

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We worked with professionals and it became clear from the first minutes of communication. Specific formulation of the problem, the ability to see details and offer interesting solutions. As a result, we have a modern website and new clients, and this is perhaps the most important thing.

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    Orest Andrusyshyn

    Orest Andrusyshyn

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