Health care has always been the highest priority, and we have a particularly responsible and reliable approach for clients from this field.

We received an order for the logo, packaging, and label design development from Elifarm. From the first point, we decided to make the logo represent care and trust.

To achieve the project’s main idea, our designers have chosen healthy, calm colors, appropriate graphics, and conciseness to focus the consumer’s attention on the main thing. Each line contains the company’s values and its vocation.

  • Scope

    • Labels & Packaging design
    • Brand Marketing
    • Product Positioning
    • Research & Audience Segmentation
    • New Product Launch
  • Industry

    • Medicine & Health care
The final choice was Come Back Agency after multiple interviews with several branding agencies. They made us feel like we were part of a family and that we were being taken care of in the most vital way possible.

Patrick Becker

Chief Executive Officer