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From Lana’s



When it comes to food — we cut. Therefore, having received From Lana’s project, we already knew exactly how we would implement it.

First and foremost, to attract and make itself desirable to convince buying and enjoy — this is the main mission of successful packaging at the first meeting with a potential buyer.

Authentic graphics, comely colors, and corporate logos are harmoniously arranged in the packaging design for semi-finished products, which cannot be left on the store counter.

  • Scope

    • Logo design
    • Labels & Packaging design
    • Research & Audience Segmentation
    • New Product Launch
    • Product Positioning
  • Industry

    • Food & Beverage
They are innovative when it comes to accomplishing your company's design needs. It's like having the resources of five different companies all under one roof!

Lana Lyons


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