How unique is the fact that while performing the same work, we create entirely different and particular projects and advance together with our clients. 

Regardless of the field of activity of the companies that cooperate with us, all brands need to develop and create competitiveness in their market, fortunately, we are aware of trends and are always open to interaction.

The design and content of the site for GLB company undoubtedly embodied practicality and accuracy, which is strongly appreciated in this domain.

Through this collaboration, we gained invaluable experience and new knowledge in this range, since each project takes a special place in our hearts, and we always expect the client to come back.

  • Scope

    • Online store design
    • Competitive analysis
    • Research & Audience Segmentation
  • Technologies

    • Wordpress
  • Industry

    • Machine tool manufacturing
    • E-Commerce
I was satisfied with the end result the first time. It is clear that this would not be possible without constant discussions of various nuances when creating a project. But they tried, conferred, discussed all the details again and again, and therefore achieved a positive result.

Zhanatan Donaldson


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