Our agency was commissioned to develop a website for a small film studio. After careful consideration, we determined that the site should possess a unique character and showcase top-notch animations. The design process unfolded seamlessly, incorporating the client’s desired corporate colors and captivating elements.

The development phase proceeded without a hitch as well, with the technical aspects of the animations and fluidity of the site functioning flawlessly. We poured our hearts into the project, and we believe the fruits of our labor are evident in the final product.

  • Scope

    • UI/UX design
    • Business Website design
    • Unique design solution
  • Technologies

    • HTML + CSS + JS
    • Wordpress
  • Industry

    • Film Studio
screenshot_Plot Point
screenshot_Plot Point
screenshot_Plot Point
screenshot_Plot Point
Our project demanded a considerable investment of time and a keen eye for detail, and their team demonstrated exceptional responsiveness and patience at every stage. They produced work of the highest level.

Darlene Campbell

Product Manager

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