What else could be the phenomenon of replacing a thousand words about a brand with just an image that contains its main concept and essence?
The logo for the logistics company Sarmat turned out to be this kind of masterpiece. A successful selection of colors and style, lines, and placement perfectly create a competitive and meaningful logo.
From time to time, thinking through such an important part of the brand is a real brainstorming, but the result and its effect are definitely worth it.
That’s why we love our kind of activity and charging from each completed project.

  • Scope

    • Logo design
    • Corporate identity design
    • Research & Audience Segmentation
    • Brand Standards Development
    • Brand Personality (Voice)
  • Industry

    • Transportation & Logistics
The entire process was creative brainstorming at its best and most fun! I am thrilled that the result has far exceeded my expectations, and I recommend them to everyone!

Michael Jones

General Manager