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Scrub Verify



We love to solve non-standard tasks and thereby improve our skills. Working with Scrub Verify was exactly like this: we needed to develop a design for a service in which a user can check databases with emails.

We approached the solution in a complex way: we analyzed dozens of options, selected suitable colors and fonts. For us, not only a beautiful, but also a functional look is important. Nothing superfluous, but at the same time to be informative enough.

In addition, a landing page was developed, the main purpose of which was to teach users how to use the service. For the convenience of the latter, a personal account was also developed.

screenshot_Scrub Verify
We had a somewhat non-standard project, so we selected the performer with great responsibility. We needed not only to present everything beautifully, but also required an understanding of our technologies. Comeback agency coped with all 101%. Recommended.

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    Orest Andrusyshyn

    Orest Andrusyshyn

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